English copywriters


From selling products to building brands

We make your story come to life. On TV or Twitter, your homepage, or on the side of a pen. We can help you engage your audience, whatever media mix you choose.

Campaign and sales


Well-written sales copy plays an important part in effective marketing. It helps you cut through the noise and avoid battering your brand through irrelevant messaging.

Tweak your sales arguments

Simply Awesome’s copywriters support you through the whole campaign. From identifying benefits and fine-tuning sales arguments to adapting your message to different consumer segments and channels.

Long experience from B2B and B2C marketing

We’ve written copy for integrated B2B and B2C campaigns, including ads, social media, web and film. Always with a strong focus on conversion. From leads to loyal customers.

"Good copy is reasonable and honest. Just like good people."

Web and social media


The time spent on a page and the actions that follow are more important than clicks. And the best way to engage people online is quality content.

We write copy that makes your content more engaging

We write the headings that make you curious, the stories that keep you reading and the calls to action that turn visitors into customers. You’ll find your SEO keywords in headings, body copy, titles and meta descriptions to ensure good search engine results.

Tell stories that drive traffic

Promote a competition on Facebook? Share true behind-the-scene stories on Instagram? We help you use social media to drive traffic to your website, strengthen your brand and build customer relationships.

Sales copy. Web. Social media. Tone of Voice.

How can we help you?

Press and PR


Consumers buy from brands they trust. And building trust is one of PR’s most important tasks. With media, politicians and the general public in the audience, your PR has to be accurate, relevant and to the point.

Build trust with the right words

Whether you want to strengthen your company’s relationship with the local community, engage in charity work or reverse negative communication in a crisis situation, Simply Awesome can help you out.

Press materials that tell your story in a professional way

We tell the stories that move your target audiences, so you connect with them, and they quickly get who you are and why you’re special. Our expert copywriters craft your releases, case stories and press kits so you leave your mark with the right people in the right way.

We proofread and edit your copy

Got the copy but lack a sounding board? With our proofreading and copy-editing service, we’ll iron out the errors and add some oomph, so your text is as professional and polished as it can be.

Tone of Voice


Some people you connect with right away. It comes down to two things – your company’s personality and how it’s reflected in the way you sound. Or in corporate speak, brand values and tone of voice.

A consistent tone of voice gets you recognized

A successfully implemented tone of voice creates likeable and trustworthy brands. It could be formal, funny or casual. The important thing is that the tone of voice is consistent, consumers recognize it and it’s used everywhere. On the web, on Facebook, in printed assets.

How does your company sound?

We have assisted several clients in their work with improving and fine-tuning their tone of voice. Often in the bigger context of their content marketing strategy, brand values and target audience.


Visit Skåne – Publishing prize Grand Prix

Simply Awesome has been writing text for Tourism in Skåne’s visitskane.com site for more than three years. We write the master copy in English which is then translated to Swedish, Danish and German.

The site won the Swedish Publishing prize Grand Prix for web, and for sites that market destinations in 2019.