Learn copywriting and business English

What difference would it make to your organization if all your teams communicated clearly?

  • You’d have fewer people dialling into your call centres because they don’t understand what you’ve said.
  • You’d have more people reading and acting on your direct mail.
  • You’d have more people reaching for your products and recommending your services.
  • You’d also have happier, more confident teams – working in an environment where communication is easy and enjoyable.

Training your teams is a brilliant investment

We meet teams who write reports, e-newsletters, blog posts or adverts – and everything in between. And could do it so much better with the right training. When you invest in copywriting courses or workshops, you’ll see fantastic returns.

Copywriting training

From a half-day workshop to a residential course

We structure our copywriting courses to give your writers the confidence and technique to make your communication more effective and profitable.  Choose one of the copywriting or tone of voice courses we’ve already designed – or we can create training that exactly meets your needs.

Come to our venues in the UK and Austria – or we can hold them in your workplace.

If you’re already a copywriter – or want to become a copywriter

Whether you’re new to copywriting, or you’re looking for a copywriting course to push your talents even further, we’d love you to join us. We regularly hold copywriting courses and copywriting training workshops.

The numbers are limited to give you plenty of one-to-one time and feedback – and we encourage you to stay in touch with us so we can support you as you begin to use your new techniques and approaches.

We hold workshops all over the UK and in Europe.

Improve your copywriting skills or business English?

We help you with tailormade workshops and intensive courses.

Business English

Intensive 1-day writing course

Clearly written English texts are the key to effective business. They positively affect your brand, and get people to buy from your website, reply to your sales letter, or publish your press release. Your readers will do what you want as long as you make it easy for them.

This intensive 1-day Business English Writing course will give you the skills you need to effectively plan, write and edit compelling texts that make your message crystal clear.

Course content

  • Planning what you write. The things to consider
  • Structuring your document
  • Keeping English simple – and active
  • Just Do It. An exercise in writing in active terms
  • How to write high-quality marketing copy for different audiences
  • How to write to a Tone-of-Voice
  • Different writing formats, from PowerPoints to press releases
  • Apostrophes, when to use them
  • Does your writing pass the “so what” test?
  • How writing less will give you more
  • What to cut out – do you really need that adverb?
  • Writing powerful headers
  • Making a strong start
  • Tell your story
  • And don’t forget your Call to Action
  • Now proof it
  • Exercises