Get your Swedish right – in English

Sweden might be local. But our content creation is global. Good translators know the language, culture and subject. They also know that if something can’t be translated, it should be transcreated.

Translation or transcreation?

We help you sound good in English (or Swedish).

Translation and transcreation


If a translation doesn’t work in English, it has to be transcreated. One incorrect phrase is enough to hurt your reputation badly.

Translation from marketing to finance

We offer professional translation from Swedish to English and English to Swedish that’s Simply Awesome. With all the nuances of the original text intact. 

Areas we cover include website localisation and translation as well as marketing, financial, public sector and technical translations.


NIM Distribution – keeping everyone informed and committed

We’ve been helping Nim Distribution i Skåne AB communicate to its workforce in English since the company was formed. Nim Distribution delivers newspapers, e-packages and other items to people and companies before breakfast. 

The company prides itself on giving its distributors the option to work in either Swedish or English, removing barriers to employment while people become more fluent in Swedish. Tasks include e-learning, marketing materials and internal communication.